Power Washing & Pressure Washing

JEFFCO also provides innovative pressure washing and power washing services. Our team works hard to deep clean and rid your property of all sorts of unwanted build-up and grime. Our powerful tools will wash away and sanitize your walkways, sidewalks, compactor pads, buildings and monument signs. Regardless of what type of commercial space you occupy, we can help you maintain a professional and environmentally friendly exterior!

Professional landscaping and maintenance keeps your commercial property and building pristine. JEFFCO’s services also include spring clean-up, summer maintenance, and everything in between. The company’s team of experts provide spring lawn aeration, fertilizing, thatch removal, weed eradication, and much more. Landscaping services also include tree and flower planting, and xeriscaping using mulch or gravel. Additional summer services include complete mowing, trimming, pruning, and irrigation. Contact us today for all your power washing & pressure washing needs.

Pressure Washing Surface Cleaner