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Revenue from an Event

If most of your plowing is done ‘per push’, you can easily find out how much revenue you have generated during that event. Go back to the Dispatcher and the fact that the Area Supervisor has given an accounting of what was plowed during his/her shift. An administrative assistant can take this information directly from the Dispatcher’s route sheet documents or from the Area Supervisor’s route sheet documents. A simple billing program can be altered to have the pertinent language already there as a ‘macro’ so that generating an invoice in the computer is an easy task. If all accounts have been plowed, this makes invoicing all that much easier. In this fashion, and assuming that someone actually takes the time to do the billing, it is possible to know within a very short time period how much revenue you have generated.

Again, this is for companies with only a handful of vehicles/units moving snow. Larger companies can afford to have this entire package automated so no human hands need ever get involved in the process.

Ok…. from here it is a simple task to subtract expenses from revenues to determine gross profit for the snow event. The same holds true for applications of salt, although if you are charging ‘per pound’ or ‘per ton’ you may have to actually wait for the salt truck operator to return with the quantities used in order to invoice accurately.

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