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Thinking of Snow

As winter comes to a close, many begin to think about landscaping, power sweeping, tree care, and the like. However, few think about “snow”. I think about collecting outstanding receivables, planning for next falls’ expenditures, setting sales goals for those out hitting the street looking to grow their snow business, checking margins on specific accounts, and about how our equipment performed this past winter. I think about technology and what we can do to enhance our service offering to our clients and custom

ers. Should we pursue commercial accounts, HOA’s, residential or retail accounts for next winter. Can we get satisfied customers to give us testimonial statements we can use on websites?

Do we start renewals THIS week, or NEXT week (not next summer – NOW)? What retention percentage is acceptable for those renewal efforts?

What worked last winter? And, just as importantly, what did not work ? Who showed up for every event, and who slacked off? Who still owes us money and is our collection process in place? Can we execute that process to ensure timely payment of outstanding monies due to us?

So many things to reflect upon and the possibility for just one more snowfall yet this season.

And – most importantly – can we get this all done in the 7-8 months until the next snow season?

Doesn’t seem all that far away – does it?

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